Week 37

July 26, 2017

I have been back in London for a week now after a relaxing and fun time in Sweden. Not only did I get to spend 10 days in beautiful Österlen but I was also surprised with a baby shower organised by my wonderful friends. I can’t believe that they were able to pull it together as I was only home in Västerås for one night. They surprised me at the airport and took me away to Sofia’s apartment where they had organised a smorgasbord of sweets and “baby” games. And of course we updated each other on everything that is new – my friends are busy people! I felt extremely spoilt and lucky to be there with all of them. Thank you girls!

Today we enter week 37 and the fact that we only have three weeks left is so extremely thrilling but also terrifying. My hips are getting softer and softer and I can really tell my body is starting to prepare for what is next. Since I came back to London I have been to the gym several times biking, which is a very good way of reducing tiredness in my back. I have noticed that working out while pregnant is really all about what feels good for oneself. Articles online can help but you have to be your own expert. Trial and error has worked for me and right now biking makes me feel the best.

My biggest challange right now is to keep myself busy during the days. I have done (and I am still doing) a few short courses online within photography and coding, but as I can’t sit down for too long it only takes up a short amount of time each day. I have heard that pregnant women can be obsessed with tidying, nesting and cleaning towards the end of their pregnancy, and since I feel a slight tendency of that coming it might soon be my prime time killer. The urge to do tidying, cleaning and nesting apparently is a primal instinct going back thousands of years, and it works as a mechanism to protect and prepare for the unborn baby. I have also read that standing on all four scrubbing floors is a good way of positioning the baby. Maybe our floors will be shining when it is time to head off to the  hospital – one can only hope! xx

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