Life update

September 19, 2020

Looks like the last time I wrote was when Beau was 5 months old. He has now turned 3. What has happened in between. Well, I started to work when Beau was just over one. I worked three months at Tillväxtverket before starting my position at KTH. I am now on mommy leave as little sister Lola arrived on the 25th of April 2020. She was a little girl coming out about 10 day before the due date – 50 cm tall and 2755 grams heavy. She is now 20 weeks old and definitely not a little girl any more. But I will do more of an update of the kids in a later post.

Just before Lola arrived we moved from Stockholm to Västerås and we are now living in an apartment on Blåsbo. I’m home with Beau and Lola and we are lucky to also have “dada” Kiwi home with us as he still works remotely.

It is now september and autumn hs arrived, and even though we are not too excited about the darker days and colder temperatures there are a few things that we are looking forward to in the upcoming months. Beau will start to go to dance classes every Sunday, and hopefully we will be able to (finally) see Kiwi’s family in London at some point between now and Christmas as the pandemic (hopefully) is moving in the right direction.


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