5 month update

January 27, 2018

5 month baby

Beau is now just over 5 months old and no, I can’t quite believe it. He is 63 cm tall and weighs 6300 gram. Only days before he turned 5 months he started to grab on to his toes while laying on his back and he rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time. The first back to tummy roll happened in bed in the middle of the night (he was with me in bed as we were staying at my parents’ house), and even though it was 3am and I was exhausted from the lack of sleep, I couldn’t do anything but happily cheer when he had his new physical discovery. While being on his tummy he has also started to spin around like a clock. So he doesn’t move back and forth yet, but all of the sudden his head will be where his feet started off and vice versa.

We have now also started to give Beau a small amount of solid food. He is getting a meal of porridge in the late afternoon. The porridge was a success from the start and he can now wriggle with excitement when we bring him the bowl. He has also had a few test portions of pea puree, carrot puree and sweet potato pure. It might not come as a surprise that he liked the sweet carrot and the sweet potato puree the best out of those three.

When it comes to playing Beau has found a new interest in toys that have jingle bells. We have a few hand-me-down jingle bell owls that Beau loves. He grabs on to their wings and quite violently shakes them around to hear the exciting sound. Funnily enough he also has a new interest in strings – it can be strings on clothes or headphone cords for example. He can sit for minutes just examining them and let them slide between his little fingers. The last thing I wanted to mention in this update is that Beau has now started to laugh out loud! If he is in the right mood a little pickaboo or tickle on the chin will set him off and make him laugh loudly – it’s such an amazing sound! xx

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