week 34

July 7, 2017

We are now in week 34 (as from Wednesday) and what better way to start a new pregnancy week than with our fourth and last scan. Everything looked good. Little B is growing well and the placenta has moved up and placed itself where it should be. It was also confirmed that Little B is laying in the correct position. He is not as heavy as we have thought, instead the doctor could tell he was 2092 grams.

I have had no new pregnancy symptoms, but my pelvic girdle pain has started to come back a bit more regularly. I can most often feel it if I am walking in the late afternoon or at night, especially if I have been active during the day. I am not suffering too much from it though, and I am thankful it has only really kicked off this late in the pregnancy.

Today I am off to Sweden to spend a week and a half with my family on Österlen, located in the very south of Sweden. Österlen is my heaven on earth, well actually my whole family’s heaven on earth. The thought of being away from Kiwi for this long though is hard, but it will be fine. We both will keep busy and be back with each other in no time. As I won’t bring my computer the next update will be when I am back in London. xx

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