week 29

June 2, 2017

In the second trimester I forgot I was pregnant all the time, but now in week 29 I am reminded way more often. The baby is making cart wheels (at least that’s what is feels like) both day and night.  Little one, I don’t understand how you still can have so much space to move around?

The baby is now 40 cm tall and weighs about 1200 gram. It is crazy to think how much more weight it will put on. On Wednesday I was at the hospital for a glucose challenge test that is done during pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes, which means diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It was the same nurse taking my blood sample this time as last time. She is quite a determined lady (she almost come across a bit angry) which is a good thing for me since I’m too scared to show her how anxious I really am about those freaking needles, which makes the process both faster and less dramatic.

When it comes to food I have been craving ice cream for the past days, but I am not sure if it’s actually a pregnancy craving or just a good (and delicious) method of cooling down. Another new pregnancy symptom this week is pain down my groin. Apparently this pain goes under the name Symphysis pubis dysfunction, and it’s caused by the way pelvic joints move during pregnancy. I have only felt it a couple of times recently and I probably have a very mild version of it (please, let it stay that way).

From symptoms to something else – two days ago Kiwi’s parents landed in London and we had a lovely catch up with them yesterday over dinner. Tomorrow we are heading over to Kiwis sister’s house for our niece Florrie’s 1st Birthday Party. Happy days!! We actually have two family members who turned 1 this week. Florrie is turning one today and our little nephew Axel back home in Sweden was turning one earlier this week. It fills me with happiness that our baby will have two cousins so close to its own age.

Now it’s time for me to dig in on my green leaf salad with feta cheese, watermelon and strawberries. A good lunch for a hot day xx

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