Do I have Gestational Diabetes?

June 6, 2017

Good morning from a rainy and grey London. It was many weeks ago the rain was this heavy, but the sound of it is calming and restful. I have made myself a cup of green tea from Pukka. It’s smooth and warm and the perfect contrast to what’s going on outside the window.

Since coming home from my midwife’s appointment yesterday I have been feeling a bit down and restless. The result on the GCT (glucose challenge test) showed 8.1, which means it is a possible chance that I have Gestational Diabetes. Urgh…I know it’s not the end of the world, but everything has gone so smoothly up until now, and I wanted to keep it that way (obviously). I will now have another test made called Glucose Tolerance test (GTT). This will show how my body is coping with a high amount of sugar over a few hours, and give an answer to whether or not I have GB.

I felt extremely guilty when my midwife said my sugar levels were too high and that there is a chance I could have GB. Even though I know I eat healthy my first thought was that I had consumed too much sugar! How could I have been so selfish and done that to our unborn baby?! But what the midwife forgot to tell me, and what I found out coming home reading up on it, was that pregnant women living healthy lifestyles (consuming small amounts of sugar, eating well and exercising etc.) also can have high sugar levels and be diagnosed with GB. I understand now that it’s the hormones produced during pregnancy that can make it difficult for the body to produce and use insulin. This means it will be hard for the body to use glucose properly for energy and the glucose stays in the blood which means that the levels rises.

All I can do now is wait for the test to be done and hopefully I can get the results back on the same day. Until then I have decided not to worry too much! The baby is healthy and that’s all that matters. xx

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