Week 28

May 25, 2017

Hello third trimester (as from yesterday)!
I am so excited to begin this 12 week short(?) count down. The baby is about 39 cm tall and weighs over one kilogram now. Apparently the third trimester can bring out similar symptoms to the ones that are common in the first trimester. I believe that means tiredness and extreme sensitivity. Poor Kiwi, this might turn out to be 12 long weeks for him! Of course my mobility will now also decrease further as the baby gets heavier and heavier, but I will stay as active as possible to prepare my body for labour and birth. So far I have been gaining almost 8 kg and I can really tell that my body is storing all the fat it possibly can. I have read that women normally gain between 10 and 12.5 kg during pregnancy but I wont be surprised if my number speeds up way over that. *Sigh…

Being worried or feeling down because of the changes in ones body while being pregnant is a sensitive subject I have noticed, especially among Swedes. And by changes in the body I do not mean the belly where the little loved one is growing, I mean the extra fat storage, the bloating, the aching enormous breasts and so on. Some women will of course handle it well, preaching to others to enjoy it and unfortunately there are also the ones shaming other women who are not handling the changes with the same ease. I read today that pregnancy depression effects 10% of all pregnant women and professionals advise these women to talk about it, and to not bottle it up. Some women turn to social media to find support, maybe because they simply want to give their partner or friends a break from it. Would it not be good then if other pregnant women could be there as support for each other and simply say “I understand how you feel, and it sucks”, instead of turning it into some sort of mean online shaming! It cant be that hard to put ones self in someone else’s shoes…

I got off topic! Another thing that is new this week is that I am waking up during the night because of the baby’s rough movements. Luckily I don’t have to get up to pee (yet) during the night, but since I am waking up from the movements I believe that those all nighters of sleep are over. Another funny symptom is that my dreams have become quite lively and dramatic recently. Apparently it is a common symptom in the late pregnancy. The other night I dreamt that the movie “London has fallen” happened in real life. I have only seen the trailer for it but I guess I put together a few scenes by myself to make it a horrific nightmare, haha.

I haven’t really had any specific cravings this week, but due to some mild heart burn I now need to focus on eating smaller serving sizes and avoid very fatty food. Here we go! xx

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