Week 25

May 4, 2017

Week 25 is here and the tummy is slowly but surely becoming heavier. So far the baby only weighs about 700 grams and is about 33cm tall. From what I have read the little one can now grab on to its feet and a short term memory has developed. Kiwi says the baby is now as smart as a gold fish. It is truly the highlight of the week to read about the changes that are happening inside of me. Every Wednesday morning I’m checking how the baby will develop on that particular week. It feels like yesterday I read that the baby’s ears were starting to take shape, but it was of course many weeks ago now.

On Monday we have another appointment with the midwife. I cant wait for her to listen to the little ones heartbeat again and give that well-needed reassurance that the baby is doing well. We are not worried but it will still bring some additional peace to our minds.

Enough of the baby talk for now! Kiwi and I are sitting at home working away at the moment. We had a late night yesterday as we went to see a friend perform at a Comedy night at a pub around the corner from us. All Comedians were on stage in front of an audience for their very first time and I was so impressed by them. Lots of laughter and good fun! Tonight will be quiet for me while Kiwi is off for the premiere of Alian Covenant. Red carpet, free popcorn and candy and all of that…I am little jealous!

Thank you for reading the very first post on this blog.


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