a sunny stockholm

October 15, 2017

We are having one of those lazy and amazing Sundays! It’s soon 1.00pm and so far we have had a facetime date with kiwis parents in New Zealand, we have been eating breakfast, Kiwi has been reading and I have mostly been on the couch feeding Beau. His feeding has been a bit tricky today though as he keeps falling asleep while eating… but to be honest, as much as I would like him to stay awake and have a long proper meal  I can’t help but enjoying seeing his little head resting on my chest while a small stream of milk is going down his cheek. There is only love existing at that moment.

Yesterday we went into town to run som errands but after one visit to Zara and one to H&M we felt that we would rather be out in the sun than hustle around the shops. We walked along Strandvägen and then we had a stroll at Djurgården before heading back to Östermalm.  The cafes and restaurants were busy and there was a happy buzz surronding us all day.  Beau slept the whole time we were out – sleeping outside in noisy environments is definitely his cup of tea.

It was so windy when Kiwi tried to take my picture – my hair was all over my face and the best shot turned out to be this one. How beautiful is Stockholm though? Now its time to get ready for a a walk. We need to burn off some calories as I made dumle muffins last night and naughty as we are we had them, among other bits and pieces, for breakfast this morning. But it’s ok on a Sunday, right? xx

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