Two month update 

October 18, 2017

Today we have been to the Children’s Health Care Centre for Beaus 2 month check up. He is now 4240 grams heavy and his chart goes steady in the right direction. He opened his fists for the nurse and smiled big towards her. His good mood changed however as soon as it was time for the tummy time neck check. Beau hates tummy time at the moment and our goal for the next month, before the next appointment, is for him to have tummy time several times a day to strengthen his little neck.

Sleep. Our little man still sleeps in the baby nest between us in bed. When it comes to his sleeping pattern he doesn’t have any routines for naps during the days yet. We take them as they come. At night time though he is a real champion. We normally go to bed just before 10.00pm and he sleeps all the way to 4.00am or 5.00am. I will then give him a feed before he falls back to sleep again. For the past days Beau and I have slept in until 8.30am. How nice is that? I asked the nurse today if it was fine for him to have so many hours between his feeds at night, and she only asked me to enjoy it and said it was absolutely fine as long as he is gaining weight, which he is.

Crying. I wouldn’t say that Beau cries a lot but he does have the common cry-at-night sessions while working through all the impressions of the day. Of course he can also be sad when he is in pain from wind which normally happens once every or day or so. Other than that he is also good at telling when it takes me too long to sit down and prepare for breastfeeding – if he is hungry it’s urgent!

Washing. We are giving him a bath once a week at the moment and he seems to really enjoy the warm water so we are going to start doing it more regularly. However, to be undressed beforehand and to be picked up in the cold air afterwards is not popular and he needs lots of cuddles and love after each session.

Playing. Oh, boy! Beau loves to chat with us, and if we answer him by copying his sounds he loves to talk back to us over and over again. He has also started to reach for things and when he is laying in the baby gym he is both talking and trying to reach the little soft animals above him. A little yellow and purple butterfly at the top of his baby gym is his favourite. xx


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