week 40

August 16, 2017

week 40

Today is the due date! It’s hard grasp that the date that we have been looking forward to for so many months is finally here. However, there is no little Lannefors-Turnbull baby in sight (no we have not decided on the surname yet), and there are no real signs that he will be here any time soon either. Of course we are not too surprised – less than 5% of babies are born on their due date, but there is no way to get around that the 16th still is THE magical date that we have been longing for. As I start to realise that he will not be born today, I feel a bit “so now what?”. Are we just going to have to wait for another week until we go to the hospital for our next check, and then maybe for a whole OTHER week before being induced? When I write it out it sounds a bit silly. He will for sure be with us in two weeks and what is that compared to nine months? Nothing really… we are ready when you are baby B xx

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