week 39

August 9, 2017

I keep thinking it’s only one week left of this pregnancy but of course I’m aware that it might just as well be three. I had my last midwife appointment on Monday. The baby is still in the correct position and we could hear a good, strong heartbeat. I raised my concerns about the fact that he is not moving around as dramatically as he did a couple of weeks back. Instead his movements are now softer and slower. The midwife reassured me that as long as I still feel movements regularly he is fine, and that the softer movements most likely have to do with the decreased space. I learned that my midwife will be on site at the Birth Centre at UCLH for the next two upcoming Thursdays so if I want her to help me deliver the baby I need to get things started either tonight/tomorrow morning or wait until next week, haha! But as lovely as it would  be to have her with me I am sure we will be pleased with whoever the midwife is that takes us on.

The goal for the becoming week is to listen to hypnobirth meditation and affirmations at some point every day. I have been a bit slack when it comes to it but with only one week left until the due date I better get busy with it. xx

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