week 32

June 21, 2017

week 32 pregnant

The UK is going through a heatwave and it has been about 30c for almost a week now. It’s not the ideal last trimester temperature, but one should not complain! But if I can complain a little I would say that the heat is challenging my mood. The other morning for example I was getting ready for the gym, but the process of putting those damn tight work out clothes on ended up in more than a weeks worth of swearwords and a few tears. Closing a sports bra (that is already way too small for one’s preggo gains) in the back on a sweaty body was more than I could handle. I did however make it to the gym, grumpy but proud to be outside the door, dressed.

Little B (the baby) is now about 44 cm tall and weighs about 1800 grams. I have noticed a change in my body when walking as my lower back is getting tired way faster than before. The baby is apparently asleep 95% of the time by this stage but I can feel Little B moving around more than ever. It must be sleep turnings and kicks.

Since I last wrote I have been to the hospital for my Glucose Tolerance test and the results came back today. The values were good and luckily I do not have gestational diabetes. I have also been taking the whooping cough vaccination. This vaccination will protect the baby from whooping cough for the first few months, before Little B can have its own vaccination taken. xx

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