week 33

June 28, 2017
Photo borrowed from photographer Natalie Evans

I think Little B has now positioned himself correctly. Yes, we are expecting a little boy. I thought I would put it out here on the blog as it feels a bit impersonal to refer to him as “it”! Anyway, the reason why I believe he is now in the right position is because I am now feeling his hiccups very low down in my tummy and I often feel his little bum pressing against my navel (it sometimes feels as if he’s going to come out that way). I can also feel a heavier pressure downwards. We will see if I am right next week when we have our next scan. Kiwi and I can rarely feel kicks from him any longer, and instead it feels as if he is doing rolling movements in there. His bum and legs are constantly moving from one side to the other. Little B is now 2000 grams heavy and about 45 cm tall.

This upcoming weekend Kiwi and I are going to an Antenatal class. We have actually no idea what the class will include but I hope it will be packed with good information and that we of course will meet a whole bunch of lovely parents to be.

The picture above is borrowed from photographer Natalie Evans  and was taken on Monday when Julia (my sister in law) took me to an event organised by the community agency Mothers Meeting. The meeting was a charity event aimed to raise money for the tragedy of the Grenfell Towers fire. We had a lovely time and it was inspiring to listen to women talking about their journeys as mums and the obstacles they have faced as parents. On the picture you can see me together with the founder of Mothers Meeting, Jenny Scott, as I thank her for winning a pram on their generous raffle. I still can’t believe I won a pram, especially since we haven’t bought one yet. Sometimes one can be lucky in both love and games. I hope the event brought in a good amount of money that in one way or another can help the families who lost their homes and loved ones in the horrible fire. xx

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