4 month update

December 18, 2017


Our little monster is 4 months old today and he has almost doubled his weight since he was born. On the three month check the nurse explained that he has a little bit of a flat head on his right side. She said it has most likely happened since he has a favourite side that he is choosing whenever he has the chance. This means that we now need to have him on his tummy as much as possible. We are now also using a sleep positioner (not at night) and the sling more often to take pressure off his back head.


Beau has been sleeping in his baby nest in the cot for the past six to eight weeks but only a few days ago we actually took away the baby nest since he was way too big for it. Even though he still loved sleeping in it his little feet were sticking out from the nest and we knew that it was time to say good bye to it. Silly enough I got a bit emotional when I saw him sleeping in the cot without it – like a big boy!


Beau hasn’t started to kick and wriggle around much in the water yet, instead he is still a bit cautious. We have introduced a first water game to make bath time, not only relaxing, but also playful. What we do is to say his name and then we say the word “weeee!”, just before gently pouring water over his head and face. I am not sure Beau actually finds this game fun yet, but it was suggested by a baby professional and works as a step towards getting him confident in the water.


At the moment we believe that Beau is teething –  he is chewing hard on everything he can get a grip of, he can become very irritable and sad, he produces lots of saliva and one of his cheeks have been blushed for a few days. It will be interesting to see if a little tooth pops up soon or not.

In the past couple of weeks we have also noticed that Beau has become more conscious of his surroundings. New faces and new places are now quite scary for the little man. I think if it was his decision we would only spend time at home or going out for walks in the pram.


We have worked hard on the neck training since the two-month check up and he now loves to lay on his tummy and push himself up on his forearms to have a good look around the room. He has also started to lift his legs while lifting his chest – maybe we will have an early crawler? We have also noticed that he enjoys nursery rhymes and when we are “tickling” him on his feet or tummy he gives us big smiles. xx

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  1. Fint att följa hans utveckling här. Det ska bli riktigt roligt att få umgås med honom och er också förstås några dagar över jul. Hoppas han kommer att känna sig hemma här också. Kram!

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